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The Minecraft event
from October 13, 2023 to October 16, 2023


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The first short film festival in Minecraft™

Experience a crossover of the gaming and cinema worlds.

The Minecraft event server for the innovative European film festival, MyMetaStories, will be open from October 13th to 16th!

  • Watch short films in-game with your friends, thanks to a functional cinema in Minecraft
  • Explore the hub in a quest to meet the cinema professions"
  • Discover mini-games immersing you in the world of short films
  • And win lots of prizes !
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Experience a unique crossover between the European cinema and gaming worlds in Minecraft

Get ready for 4 days of gaming and screenings featuring 13 selected short films for the event

Download the launcher

Download the launcher now to make sure you don't miss any of the action. It provides access to the festival and includes a mod that allows you to watch the short films in-game !

  1. Download and install the version that is compatible with your operating system
  2. Log in to the launcher with your Microsoft™ account
  3. Have fun on MyMetaStories

Earn rewards

Participate in the various activities of MyMetaStories to earn golden tickets:

Watch short films Complete quests Play our mini-games Win victories in the mini-games

Once you have them, transform your tickets into rewards

  1. Thanks to the cineboxes: a box filled with cosmetics, vouchers for our SeasonSky and Evolucraft Minecraft servers stores, and even Steam game codes
  2. By topping the overall ranking of players with the most golden tickets to win goodies. The overall winner will receive an Interrail Pass to travel across Europe for 2!
Earn rewards